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American Association of the Deaf-Blind
March 16, 2011

The AADB Symposium Is Coming!

The AADB Symposium will be held June 19-24, 2011 at the Drawbridge Inn Hotel in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky (right across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio). On June 18 and 19 we will have SSP Training, which is especially important for the first-timers.

The webpage http://www.aadb.org/conference/conference.html has hotel and exhibit information, a call for papers and award nominations, and registration forms.

Along with workshops and exhibits, we will have demo shows as well as our famous "Bapin's Lab," a chance to find out the latest technologies, such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Throughout the week, we will have Teen Program, an activity for the Young Adults, Special Interest Groups, Silent Auction, Talent Show, Exercise, and Walk-A-Thon. On Thursday, our last full day, we will have an Awards Ceremony at lunch time and our Dinner-Dance in the evening.

We have many talented people so if any Deaf-Blind persons would like to show off their creativeness, there will be opportunities to do this:

  • Set up an exhibit table for crafters and artists at a special price of $80. You must be registered for the conference to get a table in the exhibit hall at the $80 rate. To register contact Debby Lieberman: email: exhibits@aadb.org, phone 505-259-4991, fax 505-286-0199.
  • Perform in our Talent Show. Participants will sign up on Monday night and perform in the Talent Show on Wednesday night. This will be a fun evening to watch performances such as comedy acts, dancers, poetry reading, drum roll or whatever creative thing anyone comes up with.

We have four wonderful ladies who are calling themselves the Communication Team. Karen Petronio and Phyllis Adams will be taking care of SSP Coordination. Nancy Basil and Dawn Caudill will be taking care of setting up the Interpreters.

The hotel room costs $79 plus taxes per night, which includes deluxe continental breakfast and free WiFi. Each room has two double beds or a single queen/king bed. They have indoor/outdoor swimming pools and free a shuttle from and to the airport, restaurants within walking distance and grocery stores a mile away from the hotel, and a concession stand in the exhibit area.

For the Deaf-Blind Delegates who are AADB members, the early bird AADB Registration Fee is $350. The Banquet Dinner & Dance is an optional $50 per person. The early bird cut-off date is May 5, then the registration fee for AADB members will be $400. After June 10 it will be $425. For SSPs there are no costs other than their own transportation expenses to get to/from the symposium, and a $50 deposit that will be refunded when they register so we can reserve their hotel rooms. Their lodging and meals while at the Symposium will be taken care of by AADB in exchange for their SSP services.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Lynn Jansen at LynnAADB@aol.com or events@aadb.org.

AADB Raffle

The AADB raffle is in full swing. There are some great prizes, both cash and non-cash. There will be two drawings. The first drawing will be June 1 for a free suite at the Drawbridge Inn Hotel and for one free banquet ticket. The second drawing will be on June 20th for three cash prizes, one free seminar of choice at HKNC and some other great prizes. Tickets cost $15 each or 3 tickets for $40.

You can purchase your raffle tickets at the AADB web site through the AADB store at http://aadb.convio.net/aadb_store or you can contact Dorothy Walt at Dorothy@juno.com. You do not need to be present to win prizes. Ask your friends and family to buy raffle tickets too!!

AADB Board Elections

The AADB Office is announcing that only four (4) Intent To Run letters for the board election were received from the membership, and these four candidates will be named to the board effective July 1st.

They are: Anindya “Bapin” Bhattacharyya, Karyn Campbell, Scott Davert, and Mark Gasaway.

There will not be an election and the remaining board seats will be filled by appointment after July 1 when the new Board of Directors begins its term.

New AADB Membership Dues Rate Changes

The AADB Board has voted to change membership dues rates. Members can now save money by paying for a 2-year or 3-year membership. Changes are effective immediately, however any dues paid in full at previous rates prior to March 20, 2011 are considered current.

The new rates are:

Active and Associate members:

  • $15 for twelve (12) months,
  • $25 for twenty-four (24) months and
  • $30 for thirty-six (36) months.


  • $30 for twelve (12) months,
  • $50 for twenty-four (24) months and
  • $60 for thirty-six (36) months.



  • $125 for twelve (12) months,
  • $200 for twenty-four (24) months and
  • $300 for thirty-six (36) months.


  • $75 for twelve (12) months,
  • $125 for twenty-four (24) months, and
  • $150 for thirty-six (36) months.

Honorary Members:

  • No dues.

The Thomas C. Sprinkle Memorial Fund

AADB board of directors has established a memorial fund to honor the memory of long-time AADB member and board member Tom Sprinkle. Money donated to the fund will be used toward a scholarship(s) for a deaf-blind person or people and / or Support Service Provider(s) to attend any AADB Symposium.

Donations to the Thomas C. Sprinkle Memorial Fund can be made online at http://aadb.convio.net/tom_sprinkle_memorial or sent to the AADB office.

The Unstoppable Did It Again!

On Saturday, January 29, 2011, The Unstoppable René Pellerin Comedy Show was held in the auditorium of Lansing Community College in Lansing, Michigan, from 7 to 9 pm. Mr. Pellerin entertained about 100 individuals with his humorous retellings of his experiences as a Deaf-Blind individual in a variety of situations. Co-chairs Jill Gaus and Mike Reese hosted this event and worked very hard to organize it. This event was held as a fundraiser toward AADB's Symposium, which will be held in June. Altogether, about $950 was raised for the Symposium.

A heartfelt thank-you goes out to Mr. Pellerin for taking time out to travel to Michigan (yes, René, that part of Michigan IS flat! Grins) and play a huge part in the effort of AADB's fundraising toward the Symposium.

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