American Association of the Deaf-Blind

January 29, 2009

In This Issue

  • New!! First Presidential Debate
  • Action Needed! Video Relay Service
  • Deaf-Blind Community Events

New!! AADB’s First Presidential Debate

AADB will have its first AADB president/vice president candidate debate on our AADB listserv (AADB-L), starting on February 9th and ending on March 3rd.

AADB-L is a listserv for AADB members only. If you would like to join the debate on AADB-L, make sure your membership is up-to-date. For questions on your membership or how to join AADB-L, email us at If people would like to ask candidates questions, they can send them to the AADB Office and we can forward the questions to the candidates.

Action Needed! Video Relay Service

Deaf-blind people, have you contacted the Federal Communications Commission about using video relay services? Are you delighted because you could participate in a video relay call with the assistance of a communication facilitator (CF)? Frustrated because CFs are not available to help you access video relay calls?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to hear about your experiences using CFs during video relay calls. Please send your comments on your experiences by email or mail to: Thomas Chandler, Chief, Disability Rights Office, Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20554; email: Please send a copy of your comments to Gregory Hlibok (also at the FCC), Attorney-Advisor, Disability Rights Office, Consumer and Governmental Affairs,

IMPORTANT! The more letters the FCC receives, the better they understand the need for CFs to help deaf-blind people access video relay calls. Please send your letter or email TODAY!

Deaf-Blind Community Events

Two deaf-blind organizations will have events on January 31, 2008.

The Washington State Deaf-Blind Citizens (WSDBC) will have its first meeting of the year. To find out about WSDBC, people can check its website at

The Metro Washington Association of the Deaf-Blind (MWADB) will have a party to welcome the new year. For more information about the MWADB party, people can go to the MWADB website link at

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