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January 2007

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Dedication to Howard Miller:

The January 2007 AADB E-News is dedicated to Howard Miller, a deaf-blind AADB member who passed away in October 2006 of respiratory complications related to pneumonia. He was an AADB board member from 1995 to 1997, and wrote frequently about technology for deaf-blind people in The Deaf-Blind American during that time. Mr. Miller had a degenerative condition that caused him to lose the ability to use his hands and legs. He was born with normal hearing and vision and gradually lost both. He had a strong interest in technology, religion, science fiction, and philosophy. Mr. Miller obtained a BA and a PhD from American Coastline University. He will be greatly missed by the deaf-blind community.

AADB in Action:

  • A New Look for AADB E-News: Note the new, attractive appearance for AADB E-News. Starting this month, we are offering the E-News in PDF format, complete with pictures and graphics so it is more attractive to readers. We are offering the PDF format in large print as an email attachment in addition to the plain text format we have been offering. We will continue to send print and Braille copies to those without email access. We want to test out this new format to see if it is accessible to our readers. Let us know if you like this format and want to receive it in PDF, or if you prefer to receive it in plain text. Inform us also if you have problems receiving either file. We always welcome input from you!
  • AADB/DB-Link Collaboration: Two national projects have merged. Each have served children and youth who are deaf-blind for a long time. DB-LINK and NTAC (the National Technical Assistance Center) received federal funding to become the National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness, NCDB. NCDB staff will continue technical assistance to states, families and other service providers and organizations. DB-LINK staff will become the Information Services and Dissemination division and will continue to organize and disseminate information and respond to requests. Contact information for the project are: TTY: (800) 854-7013;Voice: (800) 438-9376. Email:
    Meeting with John Reiman, Elizabeth Spiers and Randy Pope with Erin Kline interpreting.
    (Picture: Elizabeth Spiers and Randy Pope from AADB hold a conference call with John Reiman, Assistant Director, NCDB, and his staff.)
    AADB and NCDB have embarked on a collaborative effort to share information with each other. Elizabeth Spiers, Director of Information Services, and Randy Pope, AADB Webmaster, have been meeting regularly with John Reiman, Assistant Director of NCDB, along with NCDB staff Gail Leslie, Randy Klumph and Betsy McGinnity. Ideas include writing articles for AADB publications and Deaf-Blind Perspectives, and sharing information via each others ’ websites on topics including legislation, new state deaf-blind associations, and listings of service and rehabilitation agencies for people who are deaf-blind. Watch our websites at and for new and exciting information.
  • TDI Blue Book: Elizabeth Spiers, Director of Information Services, wrote an article on emergency preparedness for people who are deaf-blind to be published in the 2007 Blue Book, an annual national directory and resource guide published by Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc (TDI). This article will be in large print, and copies are permitted with credit to TDI. People may order this book for $35 which includes a TDI membership with four issues of The GA-SK news magazine and full access to the eBlue Book online database, or $27 for the book alone (including shipping). For more information, please contact TDI at, or go to You can also call or write TDI at Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc., 8630 Fenton Street, Suite 604, (301) 589-3006 TTY/Videophone, or (301) 589-3786 Voice.
  • Special DBA Issue on SSPs: The January-March 2007 Deaf-Blind American issue will focus on support service providers (SSPs). This issue will cover the latest information about SSPs and SSP programs. If you are not yet a member, join AADB and you can receive this issue as a membership benefit. For membership information, visit our website at, or contact the AADB Office (contact information is at the end of the AADB E-News).
  • AADB Membership Volunteer Bank. AADB now has a Membership Volunteer Bank. If you want to volunteer your services for AADB, you can send an email to Chad Metcalf, Outreach Coordinator, at, along with a short description of your skills and interests. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
  • National SSP Pilot Project (NSSPP): Chairs of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees announced on December 13 that the NSSPPP would not be funded for the remainder of the 2006-07 fiscal year. This was because the Republicans failed to pass all the appropriations bills for that year. Funding is still to be determined for fiscal year 2008. Senator Murray will prioritize the NSSPP in the year’s appropriations bill. For more information, please contact Jelica Nuccio, Executive Director, Deaf-Blind Service Center (DBSC), at People can also contact DBSC at (206) 323-9178 TTY. Voice callers can use their state relay service(711) to call the TTY number. People can also write to DBSC at 1620 18th Street, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98122.

Calendar of Events:

AADB is collecting a calendar of events related to the deaf-blind community. To post your event in future AADB-News and on AADB’s website, please send event information, dates, and contact information to

Deaf-Blind Access of the South (DBAS) Camp, Winders, Georgia, October 2 to 7, 2007. Contact Frank Levine, email:, or Bob Green, email: People can also write to: DBAS, 3037 Millstone Court, Austell, GA 30106.

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