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August Issue

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AADB Conference:

It’s hard to believe our 2006 conference has come and gone! Over 800 people came to the conference to learn about new services and programs, attend workshops, exhibits, and forums, receive training in advocacy and legislative work, and meet and greet old and new friends.

We will publish conference highlights in the July-September and October-December 2006 issues of the Deaf-Blind American. Let us know how you enjoyed our conference and how we can improve in 2008!

AADB Conference Sponsors

We greatly appreciate the generosity of all the sponsors and donors of our Baltimore conference. Special thanks to Jill Sprinkle, Maryland Relay, Deaf Independent Living Associates, Sorenson Communications, DB-Link, Visual Language Interpreting, Verizon IP-Relay, Maryland Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and many, many others. We can not name them all in this E-News!

2008 Conference

Our 2008 conference will be in Tennessee. We are now researching potential sites and soon will determine where the conference will take place. Stay tuned!

AADB in Action

National Association of the Deaf Conference: Art Roehrig, AADB president, and Jamie and Randy Pope attended the National Association of the Deaf conference in Palm Desert, California from June 28 to July 4, 2006. Ms. Pope and Mr. Roehrig gave a presentation on “The Deaf-Blind Community: Changing Attitudes Today for Tomorrow,” which was very well received. Over 1000 people attended the conference.

Mr. Pope and AADB board members Tom Sprinkle and Bob Blumenau worked at the AADB exhibit. Around 200 people stopped by the exhibit; some were professionals interested in providing or locating services for deaf-blind people in their communities. Others were deaf or hard of hearing people with vision problems who learned about AADB for the first time. AADB was a very visible presence at this conference!

Training on Non-Profit Management: In July, Jamie Pope attended two-week classes on Non-Profit Management held within the Gallaudet University Leadership Institute, and passed with flying colors. Subjects she studied included finances, budget management, human resources, leadership, and more. She will be taking an on-line class on grant-writing this fall, and another on-line course this coming spring. After successfully completing these courses, she will be certified in nonprofit management. Ms. Pope is ready to bring AADB to new heights!

American Red Cross:

Remember when AADB signed a Statement of Understanding (SOU) with the American Red Cross (ARC) last spring? The ARC has been sending us a lot of good things to share with our members and put on the web. Please check our website for more information! Also, in September, AADB and ARC will be meeting to develop some strategies to implement the methods mentioned in the SOU.

Want to become an American Red Cross disaster relief volunteer?

The American Red Cross is always looking for volunteers. You can go to their website at and click on “Special Needs and Requests” to become involved, or if you have any special issues you want the Red Cross to address.

National Employment Conference:

Transition into High Demand Job Sectors: In August, Elizabeth Spiers attended a national employment conference on transition and people with disabilities sponsored by the U.S. Rehabilitation Services Administration and the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation. This conference focused on ways people with disabilities could get work experiences through mentoring programs and internships in high-demand fields like science, finance, health care, technology, and hospitality. Ms. Spiers networked with rehabilitation professionals and employers to share information about AADB and explore how people with combined vision and hearing losses could participate in mentoring programs and internships.

New Listserv

A new listserv is up and running, called “Professionals Serving Deaf-Blind Consumers.” The listserv resulted from a request from the Deaf-Blind Professionals Special interest group at the recent AADB conference.

The listserv’s mission is to provide a forum for professionals working with deaf-blind consumers to discuss issues related to their professional endeavors.  The listserv owners are Paul Deeming and Dorothy Walt. 

To subscribe: please send a blank message to: You will receive a request to confirm. Then your request will be forwarded to the listowners for approval. When it is approved, you will receive an automatic notification within 48 hours. If you have trouble signing on to the list or have not received notification, you can contact Dorothy Walt at, Paul Deeming at, or Nancy O’Donnell at

And the Journey Begins.

Fr. Cyril Axelrod, a deaf-blind Catholic priest, was the keynote speaker at our AADB 2006 conference. Want to find out more about Fr. Cyril? You can order his book at the Gallaudet University Bookstore, 800 Florida Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002.

AADB On The Move
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