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The Deaf-Blind 101 Campaign

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear Supporters and Friends of the Deaf-Blind Community,

The American Association of the Deaf-Blind (AADB) kicks off its Deaf-Blind 101 Campaign to support our public relations mission to educate Congress and people across the country about deaf-blind people and their needs.

Your donation can make a big difference!

Deaf-blind? You mean these people are completely deaf and completely blind? They can't hear or see at all? How can they get around? How can they work? How can they communicate with people? I know who Helen Keller was but these people seem different and unique. I'd like to meet some of them.

Think about this:

Your next door neighbor walks briskly to the bus stop, swinging his white cane back and forth. You know you have to get up close and talk directly to him because he can't hear or see you very well.

One of your deaf friends has trouble seeing at night. She sees fine during the day, but at night she asks you to guide her during a social event. You also need to sign in her hands for her to understand you at night.

These people are deaf-blind.

Here are highlights of our many activities:

  • We spoke to parents at several parents' conferences to tell them that their deaf-blind children can have a future as productive citizens with support services.
  • We developed legislative language for Congress that will recognize Support Service Providers (SSPs) as a needed service as the first step to get support for SSP programs. For more information about the SSP language...
  • In collaboration with the Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology (COAT), we are advocating for funding support of $10,000,000 in accessible telecommunication equipment for deaf-blind people. Full details of this project are at the COAT website.

More of AADB's activities can be found in our Annual Report.

If you like what we are doing, please consider making a gift to AADB. Your gift of:

  • $25 - will help AADB provide 500 copies of our Deaf-Blind Communication Factsheets to increase awareness about about how deaf-blind people communicate.
  • $35 - will cover the cost of producing one online newsletter, ”AADB Today“ to our 2,500 subscribers. Our goal is to increase our subscribers to 5,000 by this summer.
  • $50 - will help develop material to educate Congress, government agencies and the general public about the need of SSP services.

There are several ways you can give to AADB. The best way to give is to go online by visiting our secured website. You can also call AADB at:

301 495-4402 voice,
301-495-4403 TTY,
or by Video Phone, 301-563-9107 or 866-761-5768

to see how you can contribute your gifts through other ways.

Thank you for your support in educating the public about deaf-blind people and what they can do.

Jamie's signature
Jamie Pope
Executive Director

Every dollar you give helps deaf-blind people become more visible in their community.

Jeff and Phyllis

You can make a difference. Help reduce the isolation of deaf-blind people today!

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